Torn & Restored Card Video

Torn & Restored Card – 2005

One of my very first videos. This was shot in 2005! A signed torn card is torn into pieces, and then put back together… one piece at a time. I performed this all over Southern California from 2004 – 2008. No camera tricks, tape, or glue were used!

Magicians in Tuxedos

Magicians in Tuxedos

Last night I performed at a black tie gala event in Riverside with a few of my magician friends. Matt Marcy is a great pal (and a great magician), and he hired us to entertain 550 people at an awards ceremony. Pictured above (L. to R.) are magicians Joe Skilton, Matt Marcy, Suzanne, and Jonathan …

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TLC - Joe Skilton

The Learning Channel

I was a featured magician on the TLC program “Date My House.” I took two separately signed playing cards and magically merged them into one! This is the opening trick from my VIP Close-up Show – which is the perfect entertainment for smaller groups of up to 25 guests.

James Randi & Joe Skilton

I Met The Amazing Randi!

James Randi, the professional magician who became famous for challenging pseudoscience and false claims of the paranormal, was interviewed by world-renowned mentalist Max Maven at the Magic Castle last Monday. Randi’s books “Flim Flam” and “The Faith Healers” are an important addition to any library. It was a wonderful interview (Max is always a great …

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My Card Magic On Spike TV

On Wednesday I filmed my third television interview with Spike TV for their program “1000 Ways to Die.” While previous interviews concerned magic tricks like The Bullet Catch and Sword Swallowing… this segment was about cheating at cards. I’ve never cheated at cards in my life (I’m an honest guy), but, like many magicians, I …

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Magic, 1400s – 1950s

TASCHEN (who make some of the best art books in the world) has just printed a 600+ page book on the artwork of magic. I had a chance to leaf through a copy at the store… and it’s gorgeous!!! Inside are hundreds and hundreds of full-color reproductions of advertising materials, playbills, stone lithographs, and posters …

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