Soho House Table

Soho House Magic Show

Last weekend I did a small after-dinner show at a private 40th birthday party. The party was at Soho House, perhaps the coolest private club in the country. Honestly, I’ve performed at A LOT of private clubs, but Soho House is the only club I’d want to join.

Great Venue – Narrow Room

Unfortunately, while the private room was great for dining, it wasn’t ideal for magic. The room was narrow and very deep, with one very long table (see above). People in the back would be too far away to appreciate the magic.

Improvising to Greatness

Since I couldn’t change the room, I changed the show. To ensure everyone could see, I only did magic that happened above my waist. I also brought in my portable speaker and wireless microphone so I could be heard in the back of the room. It was an extroverted group, so I used volunteers as much as possible.

Magic for the Real World

In a perfect world, I’d perform only in rooms with raked seating, professional lighting and perfect sound… but the real world doesn’t work that way. Luckily, our lighting was fantastic, the music was quiet, and the angles were perfect. The Soho House staff was also a joy to work with.

All in all, we had an amazing time. After the show, we went to the bar to enjoy a drink. That 180 degree view of L.A. was truly magical!

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