Blog Videos

Non-professional videos of Joe Skilton from around the web.

Coin Magic Video

Sleight-Of-Hand with Coins

This was shot by a magician friend of mine at a casual party in Los Angeles. There’s no camera tricks… just pure skill and a few Morgan Silver Dollars from the 1920’s.

Torn & Restored Card Video

Torn & Restored Card – 2005

One of my very first videos. This was shot in 2005! A signed torn card is torn into pieces, and then put back together… one piece at a time. I performed this all over Southern California from 2004 – 2008. No camera tricks, tape, or glue were used!

TLC - Joe Skilton

The Learning Channel

I was a featured magician on the TLC program “Date My House.” I took two separately signed playing cards and magically merged them into one! This is the opening trick from my VIP Close-up Show – which is the perfect entertainment for smaller groups of up to 25 guests.