James Randi & Joe Skilton

I Met The Amazing Randi!

James Randi, the professional escape artist who became famous for challenging pseudoscience and false claims of the paranormal, was interviewed by world-renowned mentalist Max Maven at the Magic Castle last Monday. Randi’s books “Flim Flam” and “The Faith Healers” are an important addition to any library.

It was a wonderful interview (Max is always a great interviewer), filled with great stories from a living legend. I can’t tell ya how much I respect this guy!

Randi discussed how his magic background fueled his early acts of public skepticism. He talked about his exposure of the TV evangelist Peter Popoff on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and how his response to paranormal claims have changed over the years.

The James Randi Educational Foundation currently offers one million dollars to ANYONE who demonstrate under mutually agreed upon scientific condition the existence of any paranormal or supernatural ability. It’s been offered since 1964 (back then it was just $1,000).

I’d apply for the million dollar prize myself… but I’ve been awfully busy lately ;-).