Channing Pollock – Master at Work

This footage is amazing! Watch it right now!

Channing Pollock was a world-famous magician in 1950’s America and Europe. He did Ed Sullivan, the London Palladium, and performances for Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II.

More than just a famous magician, Channing Pollock was also incredibly innovative. His card and dove manipulation acts feature original moves that magicians are still using today, and his act spawned many imitators. Even the legendary Lance Burton has said that Channing was an inspiration.

The 1950’s were not a kind decade to magic. Many of the older performers were vaudevillians. They were doing stale acts that were already 20 years out of date.

Channing was an breath of fresh air! He was young, handsome, and incredibly talented. When I watch this footage, I’m impressed with his skill, style, choreography and his willingness to slow things down for maximum astonishment. He really did make magic look glamorous!

While this isn’t the type of magic I personally like to perform (as a corporate magician, I avoid live animals and silent acts), I have the highest respect for this magic legend. .

2024 UPDATE: If you want to learn more about Channing, you can purchase this new book all about the legend himself:

Channing Pollock: Master of Magic

At over 500 pages and with over 400 illustrations, this book is an extensive look at Channing Pollock’s history and impact in the larger magic world.