The Skiltons with Barry and Stuart

Barry & Stuart LIVE in L.A.

As a full-time magician in Los Angeles, I’ve seen hundreds of magic shows. So I can be a bit critical when watching other magicians on stage. But having just seen the UK duo Barry & Stuart, they get my highest recommendation!

Barry & Stuart performed a special one-night-only show at Largo on 4/8/13. It was fantastic.

Barry & Stuart are very well known in the UK, and a fixture at the annual Edinburough Fringe Fest. I’ve been following them for a while now. Their TV specials are witty, fun, and delightfully subversive. This was their first ticketed L.A. show, and they managed to entertain a very hip crowd.

The audience saw some original tricks and old classics that the duo made their own. Their Rubik’s Cube routine is just wonderul, and I loved the record album prediction. While watching them perform, I could immediately understand why they’ve become so successful in the UK.

For the finale, Barry & Stuart closed with one of my all-time favorites… Suicide in C-sharp. If you’re wondering about the theatrical blood on their shirts… click on the link.

Barry and Stuart with the Skiltons