Magic on TV

TV Magic Makes a Comeback

When I was growing up, I LOVED magic. The problem was… Hollywood didn’t.

Growing up in suburban Pennsylvania, the only magic that made it on primetime TV was the annual David Copperfield special. Aside from David (and the occasional Johnny Carson magician guest), network television ignored magic completely.

Today we live in a completely different world. These days, primetime TV, both cable and network, is FILLED with magic. In fact, there’s more magic on television in 2014 than at any time in history.

We’ve got:

America’s Got Talent:
Critics called it the “Year of the Magician”

Fool Us:
A fantastic Penn & Teller-hosted magic contest on the CW. IMDB

Masters of Illusion:
Read my blog post about shooting this series here

A History Channel TV movie starring Adrien Brody. IMDB

Wizard Wars:
Teams of up-and-coming magicians compete for $10,000. IMDB

David Blaine:
His “Real or Magic” special was his best yet! IMDB

Also debuting this year were two hidden-camera type shows, “The Carbonaro Effect” and “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne.”

There’s no doubt… magic is making a HUGE comeback!

It’s a great time for magic fans. Kids of today can see more magic in 2 hours on Youtube than I could have watched in an entire year.

It’s also a great time to be a professional magician.

With magic’s increasing presence in pop culture, companies are realizing that having a corporate magician can make their events more fun, interactive, and amazing! Magic appeals to all cultures and backgrounds, and my new customers are discovering the joys of having a world-class magic at their events.

Of course, the good times won’t last forever. But for now, I’m going to enjoy all the wonderful attention and recognition my wonderful art-form is getting.

It sure beats growing up in PA with only one magic special per year.