Masters of Illusion Stage

Masters of Illusion – Behind the Magic

The New Masters of Illusion TV series is going to be epic! They’ve got 12 HD cameras shooting every angle of the magic. I’m proud to be featured on this gorgeous stage.

Today I’m shooting with some truly fantastic magicians, including Ed Alonso, Aaron Radatz, Jon Armstrong, Kyle Eschen, and the very funny magic duo David & Leeman.

I’m expecting at least 30 guests in attendance. But the studio audience is well over 1,000 people, so I doubt I’ll be able to recognize anyone from the stage.

I’ll performing two routines from my real-world repertoire. First, I’ll be doing some close-up sleight-of-hand, and then I’ll be performing an incredibly difficult mindreading stunt with five seated audience members during the live taping.

Here I am on stage! Can’t wait to see how the footage turns out. Stay tuned!

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