13 things you DIDN'T know about the Magic Castle

My Thrillist Article is a Hit!

2,500 likes and counting…

My fun article about the Magic Castle was published on Thrillist LA last week. It’s gotten over 20k views and 2.5k likes!

When Thrillist asked me to write the article, I immediately said yes. Why? Partly because I’m a 10-year Magic Castle member… but mostly because I wanted the article to treat magic, magicians AND the Castle with the respect they deserve.

Treating Magic with Respect

No matter how popular magic becomes, there’s still a lazy tendency in the media to portray magicians as nerds, and magic as a mediocre hobby. I know better. In all of my years as a Los Angeles magician and Magic Castle member, I’ve seen first-hand just how much audiences LOVE magic. Great magic is always a huge hit. :-)

I knew that if I wrote the article, three things would happen:

  • Readers would get the REAL inside scoop on the Castle
  • Thrillist would get fun content and incredible photos
  • The Magic Castle (and magic) would get the respect it deserves

The best news? Response from my fellow magicians has been overwhelmingly positive!

Special thanks to…

I couldn’t have written the article if not for Jeff Miller… great guy, bandleader, and Thrillist LA editor. He’s also an insanely talented writer, and he magically turned my “good” article into a “GREAT” one. I also owe my pals at the Academy of Magical Arts for providing some truly fantastic photos.

Check it out, won’t you?

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