Magic, 1400s – 1950s

TASCHEN (who make some of the best art books in the world) has just printed a 600+ page book on the artwork of magic. I had a chance to leaf through a copy at the store… and it’s gorgeous!!!

Inside are hundreds and hundreds of full-color reproductions of advertising materials, playbills, stone lithographs, and posters of the greatest magicians in history. As is always the case with TASCHEN, the artwork is reproduced flawlessly. Older items are lovingly restored, and the accompanying articles (printed in English, German & French) are a joy to read.

I recently attended a book signing and presentatation at the Magic Castle all about this book. My copy of “Magic 1400s – 1950s” signed by the authors, editor and art director!

This book isn’t for magicians, but rather for people who appreciate great art, history, and are curious about magic.

Over 25,000 pieces were photographed for inclusion in the book, and only 1,000 made the cut. Every image has a detailed caption, and the articles are reproduced in three languages. The thing weighs a TON!!!!

You can purchase this incredible art book here at Amazon.