Magic onboard a Yacht

Yacht FAQ – Hiring a Magician on a Boat

Hanging out with the Yacht captain
Hanging out with the Yacht captain

As a busy Los Angeles Magician, I occassionally perform on boats. I’ve entertained billionaires on large private yachts, and small employee groups on chartered harbor tours. No matter what size group you have, I know that magic can be a big hit on the high seas.

Why Magic is a Great Entertainment Option for Yacht Parties:

Party hosts are looking for entertainment that won’t take up precious space on the boat, and that will keep all of their guests, regardless of age, entertained during the event. Magicians are a terrific yacht entertainment option for three major reasons:

  1. Space is a premium on any ship, and strolling close-up magic won’t take up any additional space.
  2. Strolling magic won’t interfere with your other entertainment. Your DJ can play as loudly as you’d like!
  3. A formal close-up show can add variety to the trip, and create incredible memories that last.

One Problem with Hiring Yacht Entertainment

Unless you have a large ship with a dedicated theater, I strongly recommend against a formal stage show. While stage shows are the perfect cruise ship entertainment, they rarely work on smaller vessels. Strolling magic is almost always the right choice.

See you at sea!

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