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8 Great Tips for Hiring a Magician

Looking to hire a professional magician? These tips will help you find the best magician for hire, regardless of what type of party or event you’re organizing.

We’ll break these tips into 3 simple sections:

  • How to find magicians for hire
  • Choosing the best magician for you
  • Getting an accurate quote

I’ve also included 3 warning signs to look out for. Let’s get started!

How to Find Magicians for Hire

1. Know What You Want

What kind of magician do you need? Are you looking for a wacky kids’ magician, or a world-class illusionist? Being specific with your search will help you hire a magician who’s the perfect fit for you.

2. Decide if Geography Matters

Add your city in the search bar to find local magicians. If you can afford higher fees (plus airfare and hotel), then a non-local search can help you book a magician who is nationally in-demand. The best magicians tend to live in LA, NYC, Orlando and Chicago.

3. Search Engines and More

Search engines are king for finding information, but they’re not the only way to go. Here’s some of the top options to consider:

Google & Bing

The major search engines will show you tons of magicians for hire. You’ll be able to quickly visit webpages, see videos, and contact the performers directly. It can be overwhelming, but it’s the best way if you aren’t working with a talent agency or planner.

Talent Agencies

These are a great option if you have a larger budget. They specialize in celebrities and high-end keynote speakers. A booking agency can help you hire a celebrity magician like David Blaine, Las Vegas stars like Penn & Teller, or a corporate magician like me.

Certified Event Planner

The best event planners are worth their weight in GOLD. They can design your entire event experience, and they’ll handle all of the details and logisitics… including hiring live entertainment. Most of the shows I’ve performed for A-list celebrities have been booked through very “connected” event planners.

Choosing the Best Magician for Hire

Congratulations, you’ve found a bunch of magicians for hire. But how do you narrow it down?

4. Watch Videos

I’d never hire a professional magician without watching their demo video first. Video lets you see exactly what you’re getting. Maybe you want someone who’s funny. Maybe you want someone who’s serious. Video is a great tool… use it!

5. Select Your Top 3

It can be tempting to get dozens of quotes… but don’t waste your time. Only reach out to your top 3 favorite magicians. This will give you a decent range of pricing and styles to choose from, without getting confusing. Keep it simple!

6. Pick up the Phone!

Whether you’re inviting someone into your home or having somebody entertain your boss, your reputation is on the line. Take 5 minutes and speak with the magician on the phone. It’s the BEST way to judge someone’s character.

Frankly… if a potential client wants to hire me, but won’t speak to me on the phone, I consider it a pretty big red flag!

Getting an Accurate Quote

There’s a big pricing difference between some interactive strolling magic and a customized trade show presentation. A magician can’t give you an accurate quote unless they know exactly what you want. Be specific. And if you don’t know what you want… that’s okay! All the more reason to schedule a phone call.

7. Give Them All the Details

Mention things like audience size, length of engagement, and performance type. Let them know your event goals and objectives. The more specific you are, the better the magician can help you.

8. Know the Terms & Conditions

Are there any extra charges? What’s the deposit? Do they have liability insurance? Getting a quote in writing can avoid future confusion. I hate confusion, so I ALWAYS send out a detailed proposal, even for smaller local shows.


When my corporate clients have large events that need multiple magicians, I’m happy to hire magicians for them and put them under one contract. When I do that, my reputation is on the line. Here’s some warning signs that would send me RUNNING for the hills…

1. No Videos

No magician will have their entire act online (gotta keep some secrets, of course). But at a minimum you should be able to find a highlight video or an interview. No video? No booking.

2. No Website

I’m not kidding! You’ll occasionally run into performers who have a page on booking portal like GigSalad, but don’t have an actual website of their own. This is a deal-breaker for me. If they’re not serious enough to put up a website, then they’re not serious enough to work with me at my events.

3. The Price is Too Low

When it comes to event planning, there’s a lot of places to pinch pennies, but entertainment just isn’t one of them. Three years from now, your guests won’t remember the food they ate at your event… but they’ll remember world-class entertainment. People always remember how you make them feel.

My advice? Put your money where people will remember it!

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