My Card Magic On Spike TV

On Wednesday I filmed my third television interview with Spike TV for their program “1000 Ways to Die.” While previous interviews concerned magic tricks like The Bullet Catch and Sword Swallowing… this segment was about cheating at cards.

I’ve never cheated at cards in my life (I’m an honest guy), but, like many magicians, I know HOW to cheat. For Spike TV, I put my card skills on display.

I didn’t teach any moves, but I did do some demonstrations for the camera. I dealt aces from a shuffled deck, changed bad cards into good, and talked about ways to cheat without using sleight-of-hand.

As with every “1000 Ways to Die” interview segment I’ve done, this one will likely be edited down drastically. I have no idea what will make the cut… but hopefully it’ll look great!!!

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