MIND MAGIC: The Virtual Experience - Live on Zoom, March 28th, 2021

MIND MAGIC Tickets Available Now

Until now, my virtual magic show MIND MAGIC has only been available for client buyouts. Today, I’m finally launching the show as a limited ticketed event on Eventbrite.

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About The Show

MIND MAGIC showcases elegant sleight-of-hand, impossible mind reading, and amazing magic that happens right in your own hands. Best of all, the show is highly interactive, with TONS of friendly audience participation throughout.

Audience Involvement

Last year, I wanted to create a virtual magic show that really FEELS like a live show. I quickly discovered that audience involvement was key.

I designed my show to have as much audience interaction as possible. There are six performance pieces that use volunteers, and two routines that use the entire audience! We’ll even do a trick together where the magic actually happens in their hands.

Of course… to create the best experience, I had to upgrade my studio!

Cutting-Edge Tech

MIND MAGIC features multiple cameras so every audience member has a perfect, front-row seat. There’s studio lighting, music, video, and more. We also have guest picture-in-picture, that brings audience volunteers INTO the show, so you can see their jaws drop in real time.

Bringing the audience members into the broadcast really made all the difference!

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***UPDATE: My performance on March 28th is SOLD OUT.***

***Purchase Tickets for April 10th Here***

To ensure maximum audience interaction, ticket sales are limited. One ticket is good for the whole household, so bring the family!

Watch the MIND MAGIC Promo Video