Halloween Party Tips

How to Plan a Great Halloween Party

As a professional magician and mentalist, I’ve performed at A LOT of Halloween parties. Whether your party is for adults OR kids, here’s some valuable tips I’ve picked up over the years that will guarantee a great time for all.

8 Great Halloween Party Tips

Send Physical AND Electronic Invites

You’d be surprised how often emails from friends can end up in the spam folder! To make sure everyone gets the invite, send it twice. First by snail mail, and then a follow-up email 7 days later. If all else fails, phone and text are a great option as well.

Kids or No Kids… Choose Now or Regret Later

There are two types of Halloween parties: Kid-friendly parties for families, and adult parties with skimpy costumes and open bars. Decide now which type of party you’re throwing. And no… it can’t be both! One size does NOT fit all. Once you’ve made up your mind, make sure your invitation is clear to avoid any awkward mixups.

Get Help Decorating

Instead of asking your friends to bring food or drinks, why not have some guests arrive early to help decorate? You’ll add some creative input, and you’ll save lots of time!

Parking Problems

Last year I performed at a Halloween party where the hosts hired a valet company to park everyone’s cars. Don’t have a valet? No problem! Just let your guests know the best places to park, and try to block off some space in your driveway for any disabled guests. FYI: Driveway space is especially needed if you have any catering.

Appropriate Music

If you don’t have your sound system hooked up to Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes Radio, then you’re missing out. These services will all have Halloween-themed channels you can listen to. The sound quality is just fine for a party, and they’re free.

Book Entertainment Early

Not every party needs entertainment, but if yours fits the bill, book your entertainment as far in advance as you can. Friday & Saturday evenings are always the first to disappear. This is especially true in October and December.

Dress Appropriately

For private Halloween parties, anything goes! But if you’re planning a Halloween party for the office, it’s always best to avoid costumes that touch on sex, religion, and politics. Here’s a slideshow of the top work-appropriate Halloween costumes. Don’t worry about being original. Remember… the key to a memorable costume is in the execution!

Have Uber or Lyft for Inebriated Guests

Halloween parties are a blast, but you should always have a plan in case someone has one too many mysterious martinis. With ridesharing apps, your guests will get home safe.

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