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How to Hire Multiple Magicians for a Single Event

Occasionally I’ll get a call from an organization or entertainment agency looking to hire multiple magicians for an upcoming event. Most of the time, they’re getting quotes from magicians all over town, and are doing all the legwork themselves. It’s a lot of work!

I usually offer to find all of the magicians for them, and to put everyone under a single contract. This is a HUGE help to my clients!

But if they insist on doing it all themselves, here’s what I recommend:

Find Magicians Who Complement Each Other

It’s important that each of the performers is unique. You wouldn’t want all of them to perform the same style of magic. Choose someone funny, someone serious, and an act that is a little “off the wall.”

When my client needed three magicians for a stage show last year, I chose an illusionist, a comedy magician, and a mentalist. Each act brought something unique and fun, and the audience was thrilled by the unexpected.

Be Realistic About Illusions

Thurston Levitation, cir 1914

Illusions are large-scale magic tricks, often involving dancing assistants and large props. They play well to a large audience, but keep in mind, illusion shows are always more expensive than other types of magic. That’s because illusionists have significantly higher expenses. A typical illusionist requires:

  • a large stage with full curtain and wings
  • 3-5 on and off-stage assistants
  • hours of set-up, and tech rehearsal
  • specific lighting, sound, and more

For this reason, I rarely recommend illusion shows. They’re great… but A LOT of hassle!

Get Referrals

Even if you’re simply looking for strolling magic during the cocktail hour, there’s a huge range in quality among “professional” magicians. Some have won major international awards, while others are just getting started.

If you find an act you really like, ask the performer to recommend others to work alongside them. This can save you tons of time AND get you fantastic entertainment.

How I Help My Clients BIG TIME

When my clients are looking to book multiple magicians, they only have to call me once. I do it all – I make inquiries, negotiate rates, and ensure the show has variety. As an experienced corporate magician, I’m good friends with world-class magicians in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

It’s always a good idea to work with someone who knows the best talent, and understands your type of event. But if you want to do it yourself, I strongly suggest that before you hire any magician, you watch their demo video first. Here’s my demo video, as an example. Remember… magic is a visual art, and video is the best way to know what you’re getting.


If you need multiple magicians for a corporate event, contact me today. I have relationships with incredible acts all over the country.

From left to right: Lou Serrano, Nathan Gibson, Jimmy H, Jeff Black, Joseph Tran, Jon Armstrong, David Stryker and Joe Skilton
From left to right: Kevin Viner, Nathan Gibson, and Joe Skilton
From left to right: Lou Serrano, Joe Skilton, and Jonathan Levit
Two Magicians Perform at Manatt Event

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