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Exceptional Corporate Entertainment Ideas That Will Elevate Your Next Event

We’ve all been to corporate events that are forgettable and boring. If you want your event to be more fun, memorable, and impactful, then it’s important to choose the right type of corporate entertainment.

You want motivational programs that inspire, retreats that foster employee bonding, and awards ceremonies that make employees and clients feel appreciated!

These are some of the very best corporate entertainment suggestions, and I hope they help you create an event that captivates and delights your employees, clients, and customers.

So Who am I, and Why Should You Trust Me?

Magician, Mentalist, and Corporate Event Entertainer Joe Skilton

As a successful corporate magician and mentalist, I’ve been entertaining at company events for over 18 years, and I’ve seen it all.

This is my curated list of some of the most versatile, engaging, and thrilling corporate entertainment options out there.

These options are more than just fun. They’ll help you achieve your event goals and strengthen your event messaging. Some of them may surprise you!

To keep things simple to browse, I’ve broken them out by category. Click on the category to jump ahead, or just keep scrolling:

Some of these options are perfect for office parties and partner retreats, while others are ideal for larger events like awards banquets and conferences. But no matter what type of event you’re planning, your team deserves exceptional entertainment!

On-Stage Corporate Entertainment

Want to sit back after a nice meal and watch a show? Here’s some options that will make a big impression.

Corporate Comedians

Adam Christing specializes in corporate events and fundraisers.

Great comedy is a perennial favorite among corporate event bookers and planners. But I recommend hiring a comedian who has LOTS of experience performing in the corporate market.

Let’s face it: the last thing you need is 30 minutes of edgy “comedy club” routines about politics and religion, and hot-button issues.

Clean Comedians
I strongly recommend Clean Comedians. Adam Christing founded the company in the 1980’s, and it’s been a rocket ship of success ever since. You’ll have total peace of mind and top-notch hilarity with anyone on their roster.

Best of all… you won’t get any emails from HR on Monday morning.

Full disclosure: Even though I’m not a comedian, I’m listed on their website for my magic & mentalism shows.

Hire A Mentalist

Mentalists use magic and psychology to create the illusion of mind-reading. When you hire a mentalist, the opportunities for audience interaction are incredible!

Mentalist with employee volunteers.

Colleagues who’ve known each other for years will be delighted to discover new things about one another, and they’ll have plenty to talk about afterward. This highly interactive “magic for smart people” fosters connections, promotes your company’s ideals, and will have everyone gasping in amazement and cheering for more! It’s one of the reasons I LOVE performing mentalism for large audiences.

Yes, I’m biased on this topic, but if you’re not sure, here’s 8 reasons mentalism is perfect for corporate events.


The Raspyni Brothers (now retired) were incredible corporate event entertainers.

You might be tempted to skip this section, but don’t! Trust me on this one. If you want radical fun that gets endless laughs… book a juggler.

But make it a good one! Any juggler can do a 10 – 15 minute act. It takes a real pro to have 60 minutes of laugh-out-loud entertainment. I’ve seen each of these three acts in person, and I can attest to their world-class quality.

The Passing Zone
The best juggling duo in the world. Owen and Jon provide an energetic, fully customized experience with a wide array of choices. From keynote presentations involving flying chainsaws and flaming torches, to truly inspiring, step-by-step juggling lessons, these experts will have audience members embracing new challenges, laughing, and bonding with one another.

Michael Goudeau
Penn & Teller’s favorite juggler, the multi-talented Michael has 15,000 shows under his belt in Las Vegas, not to mention countless events across the globe. He even earned a Guinness World Record for “most bites taken out of three apples in one minute” while juggling them. Yes, you read that correctly: He eats apples while juggling them.

Jeff Civillico
I first saw Jeff at an event in Las Vegas a decade ago, and I’ve remembered him ever since. Jeff is a recent inductee into the National Speakers Association’s “Speaker Hall of Fame”, and his style features extraordinary physical stunts and humor. Any corporate audience would be lucky to have him.

Celebrity Music Acts

If you have the funds, you can get almost any artist in the world. The upside is that your event will get LOTS of attention, attendance, and bragging rights.

If you’d like to book a famous headliner, then I can HIGHLY recommend these two companies:

Entire Productions
Natasha Miller runs one of the best event planning and production companies in the country. Her staff is incredible, and they can help make your event whatever you want it to be.

TEI Entertainment
I’ll be honest, TEI doesn’t have a great website, but they have FANTASTIC connections with top talent from all over the world. The first time I worked a TEI event, the headliner was Jay Leno.

But if your event can’t afford Beyonce (!!!), or a large budget production, then consider hiring a fun band that specializes in corporate functions.

The Replicas know exactly what it takes to keep a company party going all night long. You’d be amazed at how a great band can bring a party together through common ground and shared memories.

Music brings everyone together. But if you want your team actively involved with each other, I recommend:

Participation & Interaction

These corporate entertainment options are perfect for when you want your group to actively participate in the fun.

Game Shows

Game show corporate entertainment by The Game Show Connection

“Come on down…” you’re the next contestant at the best corporate event ever!

When I first moved to L.A., I went to a taping of Wheel of Fortune. The wheel – much like movie stars – is smaller in person but the energy in the air was incredible! It was impossible not to feel invigorated and excited for the contestants.

The Game Show Connection
You’ll get that same feeling, with you in the hot seat. Classic game show sets look like the real thing, but with your company name, logo, and brand taking centerstage. Their shows hosts are skilled at presenting and instructing, which is great if you plan to host an employee training or education session. With prizes and team pride at stake, everyone’s sure to pay attention! Choose from among company trivia games, pop culture speed rounds, or even physical challenges.

Event Game Shows
These folks serve all 50 States, and they offer customized, 30 to 70-minute programs and fully inclusive audience experience. And unlike real game shows—everyone in the audience has the chance to participate!

Improv Groups

Improv Class from Acme Comedy in Los Angeles

Do you like SNL? You’d be amazed how basic improv skills can be a HUGE asset in business. And the Harvard Business Review agrees: Improv is a proven way to unite your team, because “Members’ contributions are welcomed and valued, and participants collaborate and support one another as they work toward a common goal.”

Improvisational comedy heightens listening skills, creates open-mindedness, and leads to an atmosphere where no one’s afraid to speak up or take risks. What could be more valuable at a corporate event?

The Water Coolers
Whether you’re looking for live or virtual events, mainstage, or fully customized shows with a message, this group of Broadway actors and comedians bring the office laughs in a relatable way.

The Outcasters
If you’re looking for teambuilding and corporate training, you’ll want to check out Joe Hammer of The Outcasters. He specializes in collaborative problem solving, trust, and effective communication with your organization.

FYI: Improv groups can also offer teambuilding workshops, and I highly recommend it. Taking an improve class helped me to be more “in the moment” and to become more comfortable on stage.

Solve a Murder Mystery

The Murder Mystery Co.

Do you know what’s missing from most corporate entertainment? That’s right… murder!

Now imagine getting to solve your own crime during a corporate event, working together as a team. These events can take place over a few hours, or an entire weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to become your very own Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, or Benoit Blanc.

The Murder Mystery Co.
As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank (and in the photo above). Simply choose the venue and theme (Great Gatsby, anyone?) and they do all the work.

Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery
Enjoy a CSI-style experience that requires communication, collaboration, and organization. If it was good enough for bestselling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark and TV’s Peter Falk (Lieutenant Colombo)—two past clients—it’s good enough for your team!

The Funny Business Agency
Funny Business has been in business for a long time, and they offer a fully interactive, live story with themes, actors playing suspects and a detective to guide you. Teammates at opposing tables compete against each other and awards are earned by the end of the fun-filled night.

Escape Rooms

escape room door handle

You can’t be a corporate magician without puzzle-solving skills, so I LOVE escape rooms. Corporate event planners love them too. Collaboration, team-building, and creative problem solving are features of these brain-teasing mysteries.

Of course, you’ll want to search “escape room YOUR CITY” to find the best local options.

Learning & Teamwork

When most people think of corporate event entertainment, they very often think of banquet halls and conference center ballrooms. But in-office events and employee offsites are a perfect opportunity to have a blast while building rapport.

Cooking Classes

There’s a reason breaking bread together is long considered a bonding activity: Eating The Same Food Increases People’s Trust And Cooperation.

Cooking Classes promote social interaction beyond the usual work topics, teach new skills, and best of all, provide the satisfaction and enjoyment of sharing a meal together, knowing that everyone contributed to it. This in turn improves morale and showcases camaraderie in a new environment. Corporate goals often involve long-term planning over months or years—why not treat yourself and your team to an immediate win with tangible, delicious results?

Cozy Meal
Their expert chefs will guide your team in their culinary creation.

Choose between Italian, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern classes for ten to sixty people. If it were me, I’d go all in on the fresh handmade tortelli.

Mural Painting

I’m completely hopeless at painting, but I do enjoy color by numbers with my kiddo. Does that count?

Actually, yes! Mural painting is one of the most creative corporate event ideas I’ve ever seen, and it uses a paint by numbers method to create a full-sized mural, on separate canvasses or an actual office wall at your business.

You’ll truly “see the bigger picture” when everyone works together in sections to build something larger and more creative than they ever could have imagined. At the end, you can showcase your mural to remind everyone of what they crafted together. It’s real teamwork, and they’ll get a sense of accomplishment every time they step into the office.

Teambuilding Murals


But what if you’re planning a simple cocktail reception or sponsored dinner? Here’s how to WOW the crowd without intruding:

Atmospheric Entertainment

Atmospheric entertainment is perfect for cocktail receptions or when a formal show isn’t an option.

Typewritten Poetry

vintage typewriter

You may not think “poetry” and “party” go hand-in-hand. But you’ll be amazed at how one or two poets behind a typewriter can create the ultimate conversation starter. Guests can stop by the station anytime for a positive, uplifting, typewritten poem all about them.

I’ve seen Typewriter Poets be a huge hit at parties and company events all over. Some even customize their material to better fit the event theme or main sponsor.

ARS Poetica


Strolling Close-up Magic

Magical entertainment at a corporate conference.

Long before I was performing on stage, I was winning awards for my interactive strolling magic.

During your cocktail reception, a strolling magician can mix and mingle with your guests while performing elegant sleight-of-hand. You’ll hear laughter and gasps of astonishment as the magic happens inches from their eyes.

A word of warning: make sure you hire a magician who regularly entertains adults. You want the magic to be as sophisticated (and amazing!) as your audience!

Aerial / Circus Acts

Circus performers from Imagine Circus

I was recently performing at a CEO’s home, and I remember everyone gathering in the backyard to watch a fire dancer. It was a quick 10-minute performance done to thunderous music, and it was fantastic!

Circus acts are terrific for strolling, atmospheric entertainment. They can make any event a dazzling, charming feast for the eyes. No stage required!

Imagine Circus

Choose the Right Corporate Entertainment for Your Event

People applauding at the end of a corporate show.

Years from now, your employees, clients or partners won’t remember what food they ate at your event. But they WILL remember the entertainment! So make it amazing.

The right corporate event entertainment can increase morale, boost employee retention, and create memorable bonding experiences that last for months afterward. That’s my goal with every show that I perform, and it should be your main focus with your entertainment and activations.

I hope this article was helpful. Have questions? I’m thrilled to speak with you about making your event the most successful and entertaining it can possibly be. Contact me and and let’s plan!

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