Joe Skilton at the Magic Castle

Hire a magician that other magicians respect.

I’m a frequent performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, an exclusive, private club featuring world-class magic acts from all over the world. For years, I’ve been hired by the club to entertain the membership and their guests.

I’ve performed in nearly every showroom the Castle has to offer, and I’ve also won two awards at the Magic Castle specifically for my strolling magic – a popular choice at cocktail parties.

Criss Angel Magic Castle Medal
Magic Castle Trophy

An Elegant Club

For over 50 years, visiting the Magic Castle has been one of the toughest tickets in town. There’s a strict dress code, and it’s a favorite hangout of many celebrities, including our former club president, Neil Patrick Harris.

I’m honored to be a 10-year member of the Magic Castle, and to have shared the stage with the amazing magicians they’ve flown in from all over the world.

Become a Member

There’s no doubt that membership to the club has given me wonderful friends and has made me a better magician. But you don’t have to be a magician to join! Anyone over age 21 who appreciates the art of magic (and owns some nice evening clothes…) is welcome. Check out the Magic Castle Memberships Page.

Magic Castle Passes

People write me nearly every day requesting a guest pass to the Magic Castle. I’m sorry, but I can’t accommodate these requests. Per club rules, I can only invite clients, friends, and people I know personally.

Bring the Magic Castle to Your Next Event

To learn how I can bring the mystery and wonder of the Magic Castle to your private home, banquet hall, or corporate event, please visit my homepage.

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