Strolling Magic

Entertainment That Moves With Your Guests

Strolling magic let’s you entertain a large group of people without a stage. It’s ideal for cocktail parties, banquets and receptions – anywhere a formal show isn’t feasible.

I’ll mingle with your guests while performing amazing sleight-of-hand. You’ll hear laughter and gasps of astonishment as one-dollar bills turn into hundreds, and objects vanish inches from their eyes.

I’ve won two awards from the Magic Castle specifically for my strolling magic, so you can be confident that your guests will enjoy world-class sleight-of-hand magic.

The compliments and positive feedback I received about Joe was overwhelming. Not only did my guests comment on his tricks with utter amazement, but his friendly attitude was another comment I heard many, many times. He truly made our party memorable for our employees and guests.”

– Denise Sarquiz, D&D Contruction
Office Party Strolling
Holiday Party Strolling Magic

FAQ – Strolling Magic

What is Strolling Magic?

Strolling magic is also known as walk around magic or mingle magic. It’s close-up sleight-of-hand magic performed for small groups of people at a time.

How does it Work?

If your guests are seated, I’ll give each table their own, personal magic show. If everyone is mingling, then I’ll mingle with them. Each small group or table will get their own magic experience.

Is A Strolling Magician Right for My Venue?

I’ve performed my award-winning strolling magic at company picnics and birthday parties, in private homes and offices, and even on yachts! From loud nightclubs to quiet hotel ballrooms, I always tailor my performances to fit your venue and atmosphere.

How Long is the Performance?

To ensure that everyone will enjoy the magic, I recommend one hour of strolling magic for every 70 guests. If guests are seated, I can reach up to 100 people per hour. Call me at (323) 449-4640 to get a well-informed recommendation.

How Good is Your Magic?

I’ve won two awards at the Magic Castle specifically for my strolling magic, and as a full- time professional magician, I have the skill to impress even the most jaded guests. More importantly, I have the polish and grace needed to move comfortably in polite company. Your guests will be in good hands.

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